A Sense of Place Photography Competition

'Congratulations you have been chosen as a finalist for A Sense of Place Competition!'

Great to be one of the finalist in such an amazing photography competition A Sense of Place.

What a sense of place means for me?

To this competition I chose Apiary. The image which I took in Poland. This Apiary is located in Potok. Potok village that is situated in the centre part of Poland, a country in the geographical centre of Europe. Time has stopped here for a moment as the old man has passed away leaving his beekeeper’s hut in the shed for his son, so now he can look after the bees next summer. For me, this is exactly a sense of place.

APIARY - finalist 'A Sense of Place' competition (2019)

All the finalists work were of a very high standard. Congratulations to winners Prue Platt-Hepworth -  Zen #1, Andrew Browell - Sydney Opera House Sunrise and Lisa Sharkey - Kinkara Luminosity and all the finalists. I was great to see your beautiful photography work.

Here is a link to the finalists gallery:  https://theapertureclub.com.au/gallery/competition/

Thank you The Aperture Club for the recognition and sponsors for support.

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