Food trends in 2020

What will you eat in 2020. Future food trends.

It's about consciousness It's no secret that we will be eating more clean, less process food. That's a clear fact for everyone, who follows not only food trends. Consciousness of eating is the thing now, and it's going to be blow to size of the religion (if hasn't already) Simply by checking labels of vegan burgers, vegan sausages, vegan cheese we will follow the top trends to see how much the food is processed - not everyone will like it. So year 2020 will be a time to be back to simplicity. REAL food, not processed. Ingredients are more important than before!

Thanks for coming dear yoghurt, we'll call you later... Fermented food already this year is going through its renaissance, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, pickled cucumber, onion, carrot, everyone is delighted with their health benefits - and you can't argue with that. So popular in different countries around the world, Kefir in Australia this coming year will stay for good, finally replacing yogurt for a breakfast. Make a room guys, new king is coming to your kitchen. Who would have taught...

Peels dinner

Everyone is crazy about no waste style. Recycling plastics, second hand shopping - that make us feel better, and it's good. But have you tried to prepare dinner with peels? There is a good occasion for it. Just let go your imagination and experiment! Broth made of vegetable peels, pesto made of radish leaves. No waste kitchen is something you can impress your family and friends.

Ice cream no sugar? Yes!

Okey, it may be my wishful thinking but I see a massive room for improvement here. So if we have dairy free ice-creams already to enjoy, we must be very close to make it sugar free and make it popular. Doable? For sure!

Fake bread... no more

we have known about the quality of everyday sourdough bread for many years. You can see how popular it is on Saturday brekkie with friends. Just try to ask for anything different and you'll see your friends eyes. Time for next level. Why don't master the alchemy of bread under your own roof. I beat you there is no better time to bake your own sourdough bread.

My own home made sourdough rye bread

Big come back

Eggs were displaced and discarded in the last year (mainly due to a vegan diet). In the new year egg will come back. The best breakfast in the new year will be a soft-boiled egg and that's it. I don't have to mention we are talking organic, free range. Simplicity again!

Buckwheat flour

Soba noodles
Soba noodles made from buckwheat flour

In 2020 we will discover buckwheat once again - nutty flavour, rich in minerals and low glycaemic index (GI). Furthermore is also gluten free. What else do I need to say, other than Soba noodles.

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